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EU kontroll

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Hei I'm. Going to buy new car Volvo xc90 from 2018 with 70000km. The car been registered 13 April 2018. But I can't understand why the previous owner did not go to the EU kontroll I guess in April 2022 So the next kontroll is in 2022 November. He/she just Avregistrert the car in April and skip the EU kontroll 

It is normal? 


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There does not have to be anything wrong or that there has been anything wrong with the car even if it is not EU approved within the first four years. It may be that the previous owner has been abroad, ill or otherwise prevented from getting the car under EU control. Keep in mind that an EU control is not a quality control, it is a security check. And to what you asked, it probably not common to postpone the first EU control.


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Hei thank you for such clear answer. 

I'm kind of between two  xc90 model. 

One have  60.000km, from 2018 and cost about  650000kr,. 

The second one is about 100.000km and cost 559000kr it is from 2017

Im between both of them, of course could be nice to save some money. 

What I should know or do? I'm not familiar with engine and everything belong to car etc.. 

Thank you

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