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  1. Her er 198 bilder fra helgens NSK Classic & Sportscar Meeting 2009 på Vålerbanen: blog.kak.net
  2. Hvis noen vil se bilder fra Italiensk Dag 2009, ligger det 315 bilder her: blog.kak.net
  3. Var en tur på Bil07 og har lagt ut noen bilder, se dem her: http://blog.kak.net/2007/11/10/bil07
  4. Volvo unveils two hot new concepts at the 2005 SEMA Show Volvo Cars of North America, (VCNA) has revealed two exciting new concept cars at the 2005 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada, continuing a trend established in recent years. The two cars explore the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of just how far vehicle design may be pushed. Painted a glittering Saffron colour reminiscent of a desert sunset, the 'XC70 AT' (All Terrain) takes the production Volvo XC70 to the off-road extreme. The second car, a 'T6 Roadster' takes Volvo to the drag strip with its 1930s inspired body, wide tyres and low beltline. Les resten av artikkelen her: http://car.kak.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=4801
  5. Volkswagen PROJECT R GT at SEMA The dream of every high-performance tuner is access to the best, most durable, precise components; intelligent and adaptable control systems; and progressive, appealing styling. It's the dream of every high-performance tuner to transform that excellence into the extraordinary, to create exhilarating answers to the question, "What if...?" Volkswagen shares this drive to push the dynamic and aesthetic boundaries of its vehicles. The vast network of engineers and designers within VW's worldwide reach never need to be urged to challenge conventional wisdom, and this philosophy is reflected not only in the unique character of VW's production vehicles, it's also fully displayed in a trio of stunning ultra-high-performance projects built for SEMA 2005 in combination with HPA Motorsports. Les resten av artikkelen her: http://car.kak.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=4800
  6. Skoda Octavia har nå kommet i ny utgave og har fått samme designtrekk som Skoda Fabia og Skoda Superb. I tillegg til å ha blitt penere, lekrere og ikke minst romsligere i baksetet enn forgjengeren, har den veldig gode priser her i Norge. Billigste modell starter på 198.100 kroner med 1.4 liter og 75 hestekrefter. Dyreste modell er en Laurin & Klement med 2.0 TDI, 140 hestekrefter, DSG og koster 353.300 kroner. Vi har nå hatt gleden av å teste nye Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI i Elegance-utgave i 4 dager. Les resten av artikkelen på news.kak.net!
  7. Jeg har også lagt ut noen (292) bilder fra Autofil 2004 på car.kak.net! ;)
  8. The new Audi A4: Dynamism and design - In depth Driving pleasure, superior technology, exciting styling and a level of luxury that even satisfies the demands made in the top car class: Audi is presenting the new generation of its best-selling models - the A4, A4 Avant and the high-performance S4. This is a new model generation that is obvious at first glance. The front-end styling of both saloon and Avant models is new, with the addition of the characteristic Audi single-frame grille. The rear end, with its emphatically horizontal lines, and the sides, where the shoulder line accentuates the panels in an emphatically sporty manner, are new. Les resten av artikkelen på news.kak.net! The new Audi S4 With a new design and a more extensive equipment specification, the top sports model in the A4 range, the S4 with supremely powerful 344 bhp V8 engine, is about to be launched. Its permanent quattro four-wheel drive and consistently sport-tuned aluminium suspension ensure that this power can be converted into maximum forward propulsion and driving pleasure. The new S4, like its predecessor, is available in both saloon and Avant versions. The S models of the new A4 generation are likewise instantly recognisable: the front end is dominated by the new face of the brand, the single-frame grille - in this case with S-specific grid pattern - and newly styled headlights. The shoulder line sculpts the sides of the car body in a most eye-catching way. And, finally, the most prominent feature on the new tail end, apart from the newly styled light units, are four oval tailpipes on both saloon and Avant models - a clear indication of just what the Audi S4 is capable of. Les resten av artikkelen på news.kak.net!
  9. Jeg synes dette er ett veldig bra tiltak, bare så synd at jeg ikke har noen mulighet til å komme til Trondheim førstkommende onsdag (bor i Fredrikstad og er uten bil).
  10. Kondolerer! Dette var utrolig trist å høre! Mine tanker går til de nærmeste, både familie og venner! :(
  11. Lexus introduced its third new concept design within a year when it unveiled the LF-C luxury sports coupe concept car at the New York International Auto Show today. The LF series of concept vehicles is designed to define and launch an entirely new direction in styling for the Lexus brand. The LF-C provides a hint of the direction Lexus is considering for the next generation IS 300 sports car. "Design is among the most important differentiating factors between any two products and the LF-C expands the current IS 300 sport sedan into a new category previously not addressed in the Lexus lineup," said Lexus Group Vice President and General Manager Denny Clements. "The LF-C concept is designed to target an extremely young, affluent buyer with a strong element of surprise." Les resten av artikkelen på car.kak.net!
  12. kak

    Ny A6 lansert!

    Nei, det er nok bare en bil jeg har testet på kak.net ... dessverre ikke min bil! :( http://news.kak.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=news&file=article&sid=905
  13. kak

    Ny A6 lansert!

    92-97 vil jeg si... det var et utrolig vakkert karosseri! :)
  14. kak

    Ny A6 lansert!

    Jeg synes bilen er utrolig lekker.. og bakparten på denne A6'en er jo utrolig lekker i forhold til den forrige! :)
  15. Nearly three years since its launch the MINI adventure shows no sign of slowing down. This summer sees the introduction of two new models - the MINI One Convertible and MINI Cooper Convertible. Both models will be built at Plant Oxford in the UK alongside the four models already in production; MINI One, MINI One D, MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S. The MINI One Convertible and MINI Cooper Convertible will make their world debuts at the Geneva Motor Show on 2 March, 2004. Pricing will be confirmed closer to launch. The MINI Convertible family will be completed later in the year with the introduction of the MINI Cooper S Convertible. Les resten av saken her: http://car.kak.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=news&file=article&sid=1521
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