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  1. Do You work in or own a car workshop? If yes, then Navirec is looking for You. We would like to find places where our customers can install Navirec devices. If interested then drop me a line and will discuss it further. My mail sven.rosenberg@navirec.com Thank You in advance.
  2. Little story about how to use Navirec nTracker with iPhone or iPad. http://navirec.co.uk/how-to-use-ntracker-smartphone-and-tablets-app/ check it out. Download here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ntracker/id500842164?mt=8
  3. Hi BF members! For any installation questions You may send an email to "support@navirec.co.uk" or "support@navirec.com" or use skype: "navirec" or "navirec.support" It has been very good feedback from the first customers who bought the package. Both antennas have to be mounted flat for clear sky view under vehicles plastic, so it wont be visible for others. We are always happy to help and give feedback. Navirec uses Teltonika FM1100 device to offer its services. The quality has been tested for many years and the developments are continuous. Our closest offices to Norwegian customers are in Helsinki and Tallinn. Contacts are here https://www.navirec.com Would be good to see some installation videos from the members who have already installed the device : ) Greets, Sven
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